What's the best part about knowing another language?

Using it to connect with locals while abroad--and to get their advice! Over the years, I've collected all the best tips and recommendations from locals about what to do and where to go in their countries. Now, I've put all that information together for you as a handy resource for your travels. Many more guides are to come. Enjoy and subscribe for updates when another guide is added!

8 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

When it comes to learning a foreign language, especially as an English-speaker, it's sometimes easy to wonder, "What's the point?" Even though people speak English all around the world, making the effort to learn another language really is worth it. As some of you may know, I speak three languages other than English: German, Spanish and Portuguese. Being fluent in Foreign languages has given me so many opportunities in life that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I've been able to work abroad, and not just as an English teach[...]

Chilenismos You Need to Know Before Your Trip

What are "chilenismos"? Well, to put it simply, Chilenismos are Chilean slang. And they're a big part of what I would consider a language of its own entirely: Chilean Spanish. As a junior in college I made the decision to study abroad in Valparaiso, Chile. Consequently, every Spanish-speaker I told would have one of these two things to say.  I was either told that Chile is the worst place to learn Spanish or that it is the absolute best place to learn Spanish. Why? "Because their Spanish is [...]

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